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Blönduhlíð 35
Reykjavík, Capital Region, Austurbær

+49 160 6242445

"What want to create garments that don't follow a trend. Something that lives, like a Fela Kuti song!" - Helga Lilja and Stephensen explain when asked about their contribution to the big world of sailing with clothing label BAHNS.


About Us

To steer clear of danger, sailors follow the cardinal marks blinking on buoys throughout the night. Constant blinking indicates north, three flashes east, nine is west and six short flashes followed by a long one is south. These signs are represented in the pattern on all of our clothes.

And not without reason. At BAHNS, we try to steer clear of the trappings of the fashion industry. We only release garments when we feel like it. We make sure the design isn’t rushed, that it’s timeless and made from first class materials. You could call it slow fashion. We call it doing things right.

When you’re hard at work at sea, scaling a mountain or getting creative on your laptop you don’t want trends, tight clothes or the cold holding you back. With BAHNS, expect big comfy sizes and exceptional quality.

BAHNS is designed in Iceland by Helga Lilja Magnúsdóttir and Stephan Stephensen.