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Blönduhlíð 35
Reykjavík, Capital Region, Austurbær

+49 160 6242445

"What want to create garments that don't follow a trend. Something that lives, like a Fela Kuti song!" - Helga Lilja and Stephensen explain when asked about their contribution to the big world of sailing with clothing label BAHNS.

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Apply here for the pillowfight!

Grandagarður 14

Reykjavík Harbour

2018 Fight

2018 Fight

2017 Fight

2017 Fight

apply here before april 25th and you might be chosen!

We wish we could have everyone participate but only 8 contesters will be chosen. This is the fight of your life. A LOT of BAHNS goods to win as well as our trophy and the undisputed honour of being the BAHNS pillow fighter of the year.

The contest will take place on June 2nd on a plank over the Reykjavik Harbour. Contestants need to be willing to have their picture taken a few weeks prior to the fight and be free on the 2nd June. And off course wear BAHNS while fighting. Good physical condition is a must as well.

We only need to know a few things, please include them in the “message” part:

1. Why do you deserve to be one of our fighters?

2. How old are you?

3. Are you physically fit for the fight?

4. What is your size?

5. Are you in it to win it or what?

One love!


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