BAHNS signature

To steer clear of danger, sailors follow the cardinal marks blinking on buoys throughout the night. Constant blinking indicates north, three flashes east, nine is west and six short flashes followed by a long one is south. 

These signs make the signature BAHNS pattern.

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  • Fight 2023

    This year 4 strong men bravely fought on a chilly day in the beginning of June. The winner from last year kept the trophy since the runners up were too compatible.

  • Fight 2022

    After years of covid we finally hosted a new fight. Four valkyries took on the plank with valour and Glódís, former gymnast champion, celebrated her win with a backflip, into the sea.

  • Fight 2018

    This fight was the biggest one yet as eight women went for the trophy. The fall into the ocean was 4 meters making amazing photographic material. Dóra Hrund hobby wrestler took home the trophy after a few amazing fights.

Synchronised swimming in Vesturbæjarlaug